Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mary's bob

What was the hardest thing about this unit ?
I'd have to say that the hardest thing about this unit, was adding fractions together. I seriously didn't know how to do anything like that, but when i learned about the clock method, it made it soo much easier.

What do you understand now, that you didn't understand before ?
I didn't understand how to add fractions before. Well, i knew how to do it in grade 6 and 7, but i guess i just forgot how to do it over the summer. The clock method really helped me learn to understand how to add fractions.

What would you teach your parents about fractions, and how would you teach them ?
I'd teach them how to do the clock method of adding fractions. First, i'd give them an easy questions, like 1/2 + 1/4. They should know what half an hour would be, and they always say QUARTER after whatever, when it's 15 after. So i'd just tell them, half an hour + 15 minutes, would be 45 minutes. Since it's out of 60 minutes, the denominator would be 60. 45/60 = 4/6 would be the answer.

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