Sunday, October 14, 2007

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Hardest thing in this unit?
That hardest thing i this year was the questions at the beginning of the year "krypto" i thought it would be easy to do but it took alot of time to do it, but ever since we did that it got me thinking alot while doing math. I also thought the hardest thing, was doing that first test.

What do i understand?
I understand alot of things now, like while doing the sub questions it doesnt really matter if they have the same fraction it also depends on how big the sub is too. I always looked at it in one way. But now i know theres other ways. I also learned how to use the clock method now. I never use the clock way but now i do, since it helps alot with fractions.

What and how would you teach your parents?
I would teach my parents how to do krypto because since its like a math game kinda they wouldn't know how to do it, and if i tried teaching them the other stuff we learned they would say they already know how to do that. so i would just teach them kryto.

Anthony Dimaapi.

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