Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catfood and Fractions?

Here are the posters from today's math congress. I hope you will go to voicethread and leave a comment. We have a class account.
and the password is room## where you have math. In your comment talk about the strategy and what you understand. You need to pick a picture to talk about at voicethead, then comment.

Or you can comment on these slides from today's class.

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Have a great day off. Please comment and complete your growing post!!

Here are the slides from today.


dhonell /. said...

I would like to comment on Luke and Kates. There slide is good because it shows how you can use money to help solve fractions which is a BIG help since we us money everyday anyways.

robbie841 said...

Slide 4

I noticed they did long division to find the answer and the used LCD to compare the can amounts.

C€Ð®îC™ said...

I would like to comment on Carmen's and Jessica's. There slide is very clear, it showed the solution and how to figure out who has the best deal.
They divided the amount of money by the cans to get the answer.

jkh13 said...

I'm commenting on Jessica's and Carmen's. It was really neat and and it was easy to read because you outlined it in marker and wrote it big. The explanation and strategy made it easy to fallow aswell. They were just saying they divided the total amount of money by the cans to get how much one can equils.

katef said...

I am leaving a comment about JEssica's and carmen's poster. I thought there formula was good but hard to figure out in your, because personally i don't like doing just long division in my head. I thought the strategy was good though. One part that confused me though was the numbers in the box on the right it said $1.25 x 12 = 1.50 + 12.50 = 14.00
and they said that they divided it and it = 1.25 but then they did the oppisite (multiplying and they got a different number. Because when you reverse a proccess it should be th esame.
Eg. 8/4 = 2 then you go backwards 2 x 4 = 8 its sitll the same number

thats all :)

mr cruton 8-41 said...

i am going to comment on someone in my classroom. I am going to comment on Kates and Lukes. It shows how you can use money on fractions. It is very helpful. Well done good job.

charity841 said...

I would like to comment on Mary and Katrina's poster becaus eht emath is shown clearly and it has a simple way of explaining itself.It is also pretty and organized