Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Luck's Growing Post

The water stations are blue and food wagons are brown we divided th km by the denminator.
which is bigger 1/2+1/6 or 1/4+7/12

1/2 is 30 mins 1/6 is 10 mins 40 plus 10 is 40 mins

1/4 is 15 mins 7/12 is 35mins 15+35=50

40 is less than 50 1/4+7/12 is larger

To find how many kilometres to next water station or anything else we divided the amount of total km by the denominator of each fraction eg water station every 1/12 of the way.

60/12 =5 water stations every 5km
Grandpy hides behind the bush and you have to guess what fraction of yhe bush he is hiding behind.


1/2 +1/4 is not 2/6 why not
You do not add the denomnators togehter you only add the numerators together once they have a common denominator.

I give myself a 29 out of 35.

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