Friday, October 12, 2007

dhonells blog

Many of us have learned many different things over the period of 1 month and a half.

Hardest thing in this unit?

That hardest thing i this year was in the beginning of the year when we started doing krypto , it took me longer then i expected to finsih it. At first i thought it was easy , but it ended up making me think a little harder.

What do i understand?

I understood the clock fractions and how some fractions can relate to a clock. I also understood some of the sub questions after a few times we did it.

What and how would you teach your parents?

I would teach my parents about how the size matters in fractions and how to use a clock to help solve fractions. i will show them how the size matters by using examples in the food they make. i will show how to use a clock to help solve fractions by showing them the blog site and showing them examples


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