Friday, October 19, 2007

Alley's First Growing Post

1/4 = 15 min. 1/2 = 30 min.
7/12 = 35 min. 1/6 = 10 min.
= 50 min. = 40 min.
1/4 + 7/12 is bigger than 1/2 +1/6 because 50 minutes is more than forty minutes.

Bicycle Race Picture :

by Charity and I
This site is good because it is an educational site. And makes fractions fun to learn about.
In this game you compare the fractions you are working with you try to find what fraction goes with its picture. This is a good game if you think fractions are boring and dont really understand them because it makes fractions fun to learn about and easy. I f you think fractions are boring try this site it might change your mind.

7. The way i added up the kilometeres was by adding the kilometers and distance together than dividing it. The pattern i seen was every stop there would be more than one station.

8. On way you can find 3\4 in 16 is 4 goes into it four times you can add it, multiply, and divide a fraction. the way i can find how a quarter goes into a number is take a numkbe eg. 4 - 16 4 goes into 16 4 times. 1\4 is a quarter so 4-16 would equal 4\4. another example is 4-22 4 goes into 22 it goes into 5 time and you have a left over of two so it would be 2\4 ...... i think


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