Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chantal's Growing Post

1/4 + 7/12 is bigger than 1/2 + 1/6.
I got my answer by using clocks.

1/2 + 1/6
1/2 of 60mins is 30mins or 30/60, and 1/6 of 60mins is 10 mins or 10/60.
So I got 40 mins or 40/60.

1/4 + 7/12
1/4 of 60mins is 15mins or 15/60, and 7/12 of 60mins is 35mins or 35/60.
So I got 50mins or 50/60.

Chantal's Bike Race
We found that all of the stops were equivalent
to 60. We also saw that most of the stops were equivalent to each other.


In this game it shows you a picture of a fraction drawn in a circle. You have to write the numerator and the denominator of the picture that it shows and it will give you a point if you are right and it won't if you were wrong. At the end it will give you a score out of ten.
I think this is a good site because it can help you do a better job at solving fractions and the numerator and the denominator.


I got every 5km for every twelfth of the way by dividing 60 by 12. I got every 10km for every sixth of the way because if you divide 60 by 6 it is 10. Than I divided the 60km into 6 groups of 10, and 6 goes into 3 twice so each group gets 20km, and thats how i found out every twelfth, sixth and a third of the way. A pattern that I saw for every twelfth, sixth and a third was that they are all equivalent fractions.
I chose the number 16.
You can use the choping way by cutting it into half and getting 8 and then chopping 8 into half and getting 4. Or you can just use division by doing 16 divided by 4.
One of the questions on the test was 1/3 and 1/2 does not equal 2/5. I used a clock so 1/3 of 60mins equals 20mins and 1/2 of 60mins equals 30mins. Than you add them together and you get 50/60 or 5/6.
I give myself a 31 out of 35 because I think I could have improved on some things and other things were done very well.

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