Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charity's First Growing Post

In this picture I first divided 60 into4 equal pieces which gave me 15. Then I divided 60 into 12.That gave me 5 so it is 5 minutes for each piece and since it says 8/12 I shaded seven pieces in. So to make it easier the question really is 15+45 and the answer is 55/60.

For the 1/2+1/6 question you firstly divide 2 into 60 which gives you 30. Then you divide 60 into 6 which gives you 10. Now you just add 30 and 40 which gives you 40/60.

And Finally you look at both answers and see which one i greater which is 55/60.

In this picture me and Alley's stradegy was to first divide how many kilometeres in the whole bikerace and how much of the way you are going.You would then get your answer of how many kilometeres there is.

The website that I went on is http://www.vectorkids.com/vkfractions.htm.
This game is very good if you are in elementary school and if you are trying to make fractions fun. But it is also fun for junior high because it is fun when you time yourself in answering the questions,and it is fun if you are trying to race a friend or a group of friends.

I calculated these positions by dividing the whole number amount of kilometres and 12,6,and 3. The patterns that I saw where that 12 6 and 3 are related and they all ended up at the same place.

1/3 and 1/2 does not equal 2/5 because if you find the greatest common multiple for the denomenator then what ever you do to the bottom you must do to hte top.
Another way you could do it is the clock way which is:1/3 of 60 minutes equals 20 and then 1/2 of 60 equals 30 then you just add them together which gives you 50/60 or 5/6.

Total 35/35. I gave myself this mark because I showed my work on the question and I followed the instuctions. Also my work is organized.

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Chantal 8-41 said...

I give you a 35 out of 35 because I think you did a really good job on all the questions.