Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pythagoras Growing Post

Part 1.
Describe what a Pythagorean Triple is and use your perfect square chart from 1 squared to 10 squared to find another one other than 3,4,5. (Note: You need a picture, not simply text.)

What is a Pythagorean Triple ?

A pythagorean triple is a triangle that has two legs and one hypotenuse. The legs are labelled as a and b and the hypotenuse is c. The theory of the pythagorean triple is when you add the side lengths a and b it equlas c. The equation would be a² + b² = c² .

An example of a Pythagorean Triple using the perfect square chart:

Part 2.
Using embeddable web 2.0, describe how to find the missing side of a Right Triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem, show how to solve both for a missing leg and the hypotenuse (note: you may use numerical examples ie. a=4 b=6 c=?)

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Part 3.

Explain how to solve a Pythagoras word problem. Use one of the examples we covered in class (Worksheet A, B, LeFrog or Bonus Problem).

Lefrog stands 1.5 meters from a wall where a fly is 2 meters up. if Lefrog's tongue comes out of his mouth 70 cm from the ground, how far does his tongue have to stretch to eat the fly ?

First gather your information that you have now :

- lefrog is 1.5 meters from the wall
- a fly is 2 meters up the wall
- his tongue comes out of his mouth 70 cm from the ground

It should look something like this :

Lets start with the formula, it would be a² + b² = c². once you got the formula you start to fill in your formula with the information that you have already. a² + b² = c² now turns into 1.3m² + 1.5m² = c². With 1.3m² + 1.5m² = c² you have to square off the squared numbers to add it and so it equals c². Multiply the base numbers by itself.1.3m x 1.3m = 1.69m, 1.5m x 1.5m = 2.25m. Now you add those numbers together to equal c². 1.69m + 2.25m = 3.94m . Now you know what c² equals you just have to find the square root of it. You have to use a calculator for this so you just punch in 3.94 and press the square root button and that gives us 1.98. So now our answer is LeFrog has to stretch his tongue 1.98 m to eat the fly.


Now that you have seen many Pythagorean problems, create your own word problem.

Jim was riding his bike one sunny day and he rode down the block 8 meters until he hit a bush where a dog chased him to a parking lot . If the parking lot was 5 meters away from his house how far did the dog chase Jim from the bush to the parking lot ?

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