Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jeanine's Pythagoras Growing Post

Part ONE.
The Pythagorean Triple is A² + B² = C². It uses perfect square numbers to satisfy this.

Here's an example. 6²+ 8²= 10²

6² = 36 +8²= 64 = 10²= 100
Part TWO.
Finding the Missing Side
Finding the Missing Leg

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Finding the Missing Hypotenuse

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Question: You're locked out of your house and the only open window is on the second floor, 25 ft above the ground. You need to borrow a ladder from one of your neighbours. There's a bush along side the edge fo the house, so you'll have to place the ladder 10ft from the house. What length fo the ladder do you need to reach the window?

First of all you figure out what you already know.
- The only open window is 25 ft above the ground.
- There's a bush so the ladder has to go 10 ft out from the house.
- The ladder will be leaning against the house
- You need to know how long a ladder you need.
Maybe draw a picture.

This is actually a right triangle, and the ladder would be the hypotenuse. So why not use what you already know? A² + B² = C²
10²+ 25² = c²
This means that c²= 725.
Next all you have to do is find the square root of 725.
Part FOUR.
Create your own word problem.

You have to climb out of a hole 7m deep. There is a giant pit of boiling lava 9m from the hole. Your friend will throw a rope from the edge for you, but can only throw it out over the pit of lava. How long does the rope have to be so that it will reach you and you can climb out?

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