Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kate's Scribe


>> Today in Math class we learned all about Right angle triangles. We learned how to find the area of a triangle and we also learned all about the names of each side. There was a lot of information we took in. For example One whole circle is 360 °. You can split that up into four quandrants and get four 90° angles. The hypotenuse is always the line opposite of the right angle. The two legs are the lines that meet up to form the 90° angle. We also learned that to find the area of a triangle you go A X B /2. The reason for that is because to find out the area fo a rectangle would be A X B ( width multiplied by length) But a right triangle is only half of a rectangle. So A x B = the area of a rectangle A x B / 2 equals the area of a triangle simple as that :)


Mr. H said...

Great scribe. I like how you use Rockyou. Clever as always and a great use of images and text to remind us of what happened in class today.

mr cruton 8-41 said...

good job on your scribe it is done very well!!

jocelyned said...

good job kate your rockyou thing is really cool !