Friday, March 14, 2008

Jasmine's third Growing Post

Describe what a Pythagorean Triple is and use your perfect square chart from 1 to 10 squared to find another one other than 3,4,5

What is a Pythagorean Triple?

The Pythagorean Triple is A squared+B squared =C suquared. It uses the perfect square chart numbers to satisfy a squared+B squared=C squared.

Here is what a pythagorean Triple is:

2:Describe how to find the missing side of a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem, show how to to solve for both for a missing leg and the hypotenuse?

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Part 3:Explain how to solve a Pythagoras word problem. Use one of the examples we covered in class?

Mr. h. jumped into a canoe on the North Bank of a river that is 20m wide. He crossed to the South side. When he got to the other side, he discovered that the current carried him 8 m West. How far did he travel in total?


20 squared+8 squared=c2



c2= square root of 160000


Part 4: Betty wants to go buy ice cream, go tothe library to return books and go to work in two hours. The ice cream store is 10 blocks away and the library is 5 blocks away and go to work. She can't drive and it's hard to catch a bus where she lives. How many more blocks does she have to go to get to work? She has two hours before she starts working.

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