Monday, March 17, 2008

Jocelyne's Scribe Post

In today's class we watched a movie with frogs. Mr J gave us a word problem that we wrote in our Pythagoras booklet.

here is the question:

Lefrog stands 1.5 meters from a wall where a fly is 2 meters up. if Lefrog's tongue comes out of his mouth 70 cm from the ground, how far does his tongue have to stretch to eat the fly ?

His tongue had to stretch 1.98 m to eat the fly.
>> click for bigger picture.

What we did to figure out the answer was we gathered our information about the triangle such as the lengths of the the sides a and b to figure out the hypotenuse c which was the tongue of Lefrog. We then made our formula for the answer so we found out the numbers of the square roots of a and b and added them to figure out c. When we figured out c we had to find the square root of it and we used calculators for that so it would be easier and after we had our answer for c and we figured out how long Lefrogs tongue had to stretch.

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