Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jordan's Pythagoras Growing Post

Part 1

Describe what a Pythagorean Triple is and use your perfect square chart from 1 squared to 10 squared to find another one other than 3,4,5.

What is a Pythagorean Triple?
-A Pythagorean Triple is a theory that states that the two side lengths of a right angle triangle added together equals the hypotenuse. A² + B² = C²

When you look at the chart, you have to find which two perfect squares added together will equal another perfect square.You can find that 6² + 8² = 10².

Part 2

Part 3

You're locked out of your house and the only open window is on the second floor, 25ft above the ground. You need to borrow a ladder from one of your neighbors. There's a bush along side the edge of the house, so you'll have to place the ladder 10ft from the
house. What length of ladder do you need to reach the window?

Part 4

The Celtics on a road trip. First they're at Dallas, then they drive 8 miles down the road to Houston, then after they go to San Antonio. Finally they need to go back to Dallas from San Antonio. How long is the trip from San Antonio to Dallas?

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