Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Skittlez 2nd Growingpost

1.)The Stratagies that were needed were a Ratio Table, I also multiplied, and divided.

2.)I tried to do clocks and a Ratio table

3.)First i made a Ratio table thats when I multiplied 2 2/5 to get 12 and i found out 1/2 by dividingQuestion 2You are going to create a voicethread explaining the strategies you used on your test. You need to choose 4 out of the 6 questions.

1. 2/3 + 1/4 + 2/5 =79/60

2. 6/5 - 11/10=6/60

3. 3/5 + 2/7 =52/60

4. 1/6+1/9 =16/60

Question 3

I wasn't there to do it.

Question 4

1) Each person in group 1 gets 3/4 of the pizza. Each person in group 2 gets 19/20. Each person in group gets 11/12 of the pizza.

2)Each person i group 2 gets 4/5ths of the pizza.

3.)Each person in group 3 gets 5/6ths of the pizza

4.) Each person in the group gets 7/8ths of the pizza.


tori1 said...

*you have good math work
* i like that you also wrote what each answer was on QUESTION 2.
Wish: you would have got it done on time to get a higher make

robbie841 said...

hey alex good work but i think you still need ..... yeah your voicethread