Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kat's 2nd Growing Post

1. What strategies were needed?
The strategies that were needed were ratio tables, clocks and money.

2. How did you use these strategies?
I used a ratio table to find out the cost of the differently sized cups.

3. Or How could you of used these strategies.
I could have used more than one strategy to help me check my work to make sure it was right.

4. How would you figure out the price of a 6 cup bag of Betty's Snack mix?
I used a ratio table. I went straight from 2 2/5 cups to 12 cups by multiplying 2 2/5 by 5, and I did the same thing with $3.60, which equaled $18.00. I then divided 12 by 2 to get 6 cups, and I did $18.00 divided by 2 to get $9.00.

5. Find 3 other values (amounts of snack mix) that could be solved using the same ratio table. Find the money of your new container sizes.

This is what I did to answer the six test questions. I made the correction to the error I made in the last question.. which was forgetting to put the 1 in 1 and 12/15 on question 6. Sorry that the pictures are sideways...=S


Mr. H said...

Kat you can edit your voicethread and rotate the pics to have them orientated the right way. Nice job.


katef said...

Hey Kat!! All of your work was very well done. You put lots of effort into all the questions ! Sadly you can not access 3 out of the 4 voice threads becuase you didnt make them public:( so i didnt see most of yoru asnwers. You should change that when you get back from your vacation!! But good work over all :)

mary said...

heey Katarina! You did a really good job on your growing post! I like your pictures and your explanations. i can't view your voicethreads though. /: but BESIDES THAT! .. nice, nice .

katef said...
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katef said...

Marking Rubric For your second Growing Post

Growing Post Question 1 Betty's Snack Mix Total (15 marks)

Answers all questions 4/5 (I couldn’t see your voicethread)

Quality of Answers 9/10

Total: 13/15

Growing Post Question 2 (10 marks)

Embeds the voicethread after question 0/1
Creates the Voicethread to answer Question 1/1
Add Comments to further elaborate on the strategies used 0/4
Math work is correct in the voicethread 4/4

Total = 5/10

Growing Post Question 3 (14 marks)

Uses Pictures or a voicethread to answer the question 0/3.5
Explains the 7 strategies using 7/8 and 11/12 0/7
Comments on the voicethread 0/3.5

0/14 I can’t view it its set to private 

Question 4 Sharing Pizza's (15 marks)
Clearly shows How much pizza does each student get in the different groups? 0/4
Shows which group gets the largest portion of Pizza 0/2
Show how you found your answer in 2 different ways. 0/4
What strategies did you use in finding your answer. Student must show strategy and explain how it was used. 0/2
Added comments on voicethread or added detail to explanations 0/3

0/15 Again voicethread is private

Total Math Work (54 marks)


Formatting (21 Marks)

Proper title 2/2
Proper labels 3/3
Only one post and no drafts left in dashboard 2/2
Questions are in the proper order 4/4
Post looks pleasing 7/10
Pictures are lined up, text is left justified etc
The post looks professional and not piecemeal.
Total: 18/21

Completing Self Evaluation and leaving a comment 0/10
Completing 2 Peer Evaluations Leaving comments on the Growing Post and Voicethreads 0 /20

Total Marks for Growing Post 36/105
You just need to fix those few voicethreads but other than that very very well done

mary said...

MARY'S EVALUATION FOR : Katarina Ewasiuk

Did she ..
- Answer all the questions?
> yes, which means FIVE/FIVE !

- Have high quality in your answers?
> yupp ! 7/10

I give katarina an 10/10 on the BSM because i think she did a great job.

Did she ..
- embed the voicethread ?
> yes, she did . (1/1)

- create a voicethread to answer question ?
> yupp. (1/1)

- add comments to further explain her answers and strategies ?
> (0/1)

- do more than four of the questions ?
> (0/1)


Did she ..
- yes, she had a voicethread which i COULDN'T VIEW! (0/3.5)

- explain her strategies using 7/8 & 11/12 ?
> (0/7)

-leave comments behind to further explain her answers ?
> (0/3.5)

TOTAL : 0/14

Did she ..
- clearly identify how much pizza each person received ?
> i'll give her a one, because at least i knew she did it, just DIDN'T MAKE HER VOICETHREAD PUBLIC. (1/4)

- identify which group had more pizza ?
> (1/2)

- show how to get the answer in two different ways ?
> (0/4)

- explain her strategies ?
> (0/2)

- add comments to further explain her answers and strategies ?
> (0/3)

proper title (1/2)
proper labels (2/3)
only one post and no left behing drafts (2/2)
questions are in order (4/4)
post looks pleasant (8/10)

TOTAL : 43/105

Kat-The-Overlord said...

Second Growing Post Marking

Question One:
Answer all questions: 5/5
Quality of Answers : 9/10
Total: 14/15

Question Two:
Embeds the voicethread after question: 1/1
Creates the voicethread to answer Question: 1/1
Add comments: 4/4
Math work is correct: 4/4
Total: 10/10

Question Three:
Using pictures or a voice thread to answer the questions 3.5/3.5
Explains the Seven Strategies using 7/8 and 11/12: 6/7
Comments of the voice thread: 3/3.5
Total: 12.5/14

Question Four:
Clearly shows how much pizza does each student get: 3.5/4
Shows which group gets the largest: ½
Shows how your answer in 2 different ways: 2/2
What strategies use in finding answer: ½
Add comments on voice thread: 3/3
Total: 10.5/15

Total Math Work: 47/54

Proper Title: 2/2
Proper Labels: 3/3
Only one post: 1/1
Questions are in Proper Order: 4/4
Post looks pleasing: 7/10
Total: 19/21

Completing self evaluation and leave comment: 10/10
Completing peer evaluations leaving comments of growing post and voicethreads: 20/20

Total Marks For growing Post: 75/100

Kat-The-Overlord said...

Good Gravy.. this was annoying to make.. My voicethreads decided to be jerks and didn't work.. so I had to redo the voicethreads.. and Im hoping they will stay as is this time. Other than a few problems that occured while making this Growing Post, I think that I did a good job, and I put effort into my work.