Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jessica's 2nd Growing post

Question 1

1.)The Stratagies that were needed were a Ratio Table, I also multiplied, and divided.
2.)I tried to do clocks and a Ratio table
3.)First i made a Ratio table thats when I multiplied 2 2/5 to get 12 and i found out 1/2 by dividing 12.


Question 2


j-sickaab . said...

* i like how you did your first question.
* the artwork that you did on paint for the ratio tables were very neat (Y)
WISH : i wish you could have completed your work . That would have made it a lot nicer .

liezlj said...

* It was very easy to understand your explainations.
* Your pictures were very clear and was very nice.
WISH: i wish you could've had a voicethread.