Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kat's Scribe Post

For this investigation, we had to answer 3 questions involving Maria's trip to her two friends house's, Lance and Alicia. The three questions we had to answer due to the information on the sheet.

Question one was : How many gallons of gas and what fraction of a full tank of gas did Maria use on the turnpike driving from her house to Lance's house?

Question two was:What fraction of the full tank of gas did she use on the turnpike driving the combined distance from her house to Lance's house to Alicia's house?

Question three: How much time did she spend driving on the turnpike when she drivees back home to Philadelphia?

What I did to solve these questions was:

1. For the first question, I decided to make a ratio table first, so I could figure out how many miles Maria could go for each gallon. I added 33 over and over again 15 times to figure out how many miles she could go with a full tank.
After I did this, I looked at the mile markers, and since the mile marker at Maria's house is 352, and the one at Lance's house is 242, I subtracted 242 from 352 to find out the distance in between. I made the fraction 110/495, which simplified is 2/9.
I then looked on the chart and found out that 110 miles is 3 1/3 gallons. So Maria used up 2/9 of her gas tank, which is 3 1/3 gallons.

2. The mile marker at Lance's house is 242, and the mile marker at Alicia's house is 55, so I subtracted them again to get 187.
I then went back to the previous question and added 110 and 187 to get 297/495, which simplified is 9/15, or 3/5.
On the ratio table on question 1, it says that 9 gallons is 297 miles, therefore Maria must have used 9 gallons of her gas tank.

3. On the information paper it said that Maria travels for 1 hour and 40 minutes for 110 miles. I made a clock to show that 1 hour and 40 minutes is also equal to 100 minutes. Knowing that, I went 100/110x297 (From the previous question_=270\60 (the whole of the clock) =4.5
I converted 4.5 to time, and agreed that Maria traveled 4 hours and 30 minutes. I also drew a double number line to represent the map, and I wrote down basically the same information I stated in the previous questions.

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