Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kate's Scribe

Heres the test we had today :) November 20, 2007 . Easy right?

Well this is what i did, Ratio tables work really well for this problem :) & i love to use them
Sorry mr. H i thought it said 1 cup on my test :( so i did all of the work for 1 cup! I know how to do it i just got the wrong number sorry ! this is what i would of done :) Hope this works for everyone :)

12 Cups = 6 cups of Spicy Shreddies
4 cups of Peanuts
2 cups of Pretzels
Cost = $18.00
1/2 Cup = 3/12 cup of Spicy Shreddies
2/12 of Peanuts
1/12 of Pretzels
Cost = $0.75


Mr. H said...

Thanks for scribing Kate. Is that how you answered the questions on your test?


katef said...

yeah, i think so .. but i did 1 cup not half because i read it wrong :(