Thursday, May 1, 2008

Marlon's Scribe

Pg 1

Write the following expressions in words
1. 2x-9
2. 10-4x
3. 5(x-8)
4. 7(x+5)

Write the following statements as algebraic expressions

5. 6 centimeters more than two thirds of length x
6. three times the sum of a number and two
7. nine decreased by two times a number
8.four less than five times a number
whole page /8

Pg 2

The following graph shows the first four terms of a pattern.
A) Create a chart that shows the first 10 terms of the pattern. 3 Marks
B) Write the algebraic expression for the relationship between the hours spent walking and the number of kilometres walked. 3 Marks
C) Using your algebraic expression determine how far they could walk after 50 hours. 2 Marks
whole page /8
Whole Test /16

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