Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dhonell's Scribe Post

Today we learned about Algebra Tiles. We were given tiles which related to Algebra. Algebra looked like this.

The colored tiles were negative intergers. The white tiles were positive intergers. The little square is a 1. The long tile is the variable. While the big square is a variable squared.

In grade 8, you would only need to know about the long tiles and the small squares. In grade 9, you would use all 3.
We then learned about the terms we would need to know for Algebra.
Variables- n/x/any letter- any number can be a variable
Constants- +1/-1 -the number that never changes
When you have intergers, think money.
- = owe money
+ = have money

We were then given practice questions to do.
Somethings to know before doing these qustions.
1 .Simplify liked terms
2 .Always try to have one variable & one constant on the other side of the equal sign.
3 .Variable goes first.
Here is some of the questions:
Example 1:

This is how the question would look like first(4n)(-2)(+1)(-3n). If you dont get the way the question is, you can put bubbles to seperate the intergers.
Then you notice that i put a red X through the white and green variable. That shows that there was a zero pair.
Next you simplify the liked terms. Where you get one positive variable and one negative 1.
Death Blow of Intergers
In this section, we talked about how if theirs intergers in questions with brackets, its a different story.
6 -(-3) When you see there are (-) signs touching, it means you can add.
6 + 3 = 9
6-(-3+2) When you get something like this, you do the brackets first.
6-(-1) = 7 Notice how the -(- looks like a plus sign. Thats a key trick when remembering (-) touch mean adding.
In class, we learned about algebra and got a ton of homework. Which im almost done so go me ! And thats all of my scribe post.

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