Monday, April 14, 2008

Marlon's Bob

Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area

I learned to get the surface area of a 3 dimensional shape. Lets say you have a rectangular prism, you first need to make the prism into a net. Now you have to find the front area, the back area, the top area, the bottom area, and both of the sides areas. The easier way is to find the area of the top area then double it, then double the area of the top area and find the area of one side then double it since theres two of everything. So it would look like this,


I learned to get the volume you need the formula L x w x h = v. For example if you had a book flat on the table with the length=18 cm, the width=21, and the height=6 you would use this formula.

It is cm3 (or cubed) because it is a 3 dimensional shape.

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