Monday, April 14, 2008

Jocelyne's B.O.B.

Jocelyne's B.O.B.


The surface area is the area of the outside part of a shape. For a rectangular prism it would be the 2 sides, the top and bottom, and the front and back.
A net is an easy way to show the rectangular prism's area .

The formula for this would be :

surface area = area top + area bottom + area side + area side² + area front + area back
surface area = 2(L x W) + 2(H x L) + 2(H x W)
= 2(4cm x 2cm) + 2(2cm x 4cm) + 2(2cm x 2cm)
= 2(8cm) + 2(8cm) + 2(4cm)
= 16cm² + 16cm² + 8cm²
= 40 cm²

You can use the formula examples i showed you here to help you answer your own surface area question.


The volume is the measurement of how much space the shape takes up. The answer is always cubed or in an exponent ³.The volume of a rectangular prism would look like this.

The formula for this would be:

volume = L x W x H
= 3cm x 2cm x 2cm

= 12 cm³
= area of base x height

= 6cm² x 2cm
= 12cm³

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