Monday, February 4, 2008

Liezl's Scribe.


Today, we learned how to divide fractions by using examples with paint cans.

First, we looked at the question and asked ourselves..

* How many groups of 2 are in 5?

* How many times does 1/8 go into 2/5?

We also solved the questions using ratio tables and drawing pictures to help us out.
Just like in the voicethread I had created. (:


kaяэп_817 said...

omg nice scribe liezl!! good job :):)

J.S. said...

i like the voicethread u did and how u explained it on each slide. great job!!

J.S. said...
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mr cruton 8-41 said...

good job on your voicethread!!!

jkh13 said...

i like your pictures!

jocelyned said...

good job on your voice thread! it's pretty cool you didnt just put the pictures up on your scribe post.

carmee-14 said...

Wow that was a good scribe
Nice job:)))))