Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jocelyne's Scribe

Math Test


In question one I first made common denominators to add the fractions up.

The common denominator i used was 15 so to get the denominator of 15 i multiplied 1/5 by 3 and got 3/15 and for the other fraction i multiplied 2/3 by 5 and got 10/15. after i added the 2 fractions and got 13/15. And then i added up the whole numbers together which gave us 4 then i added up 4 plus 13/15 and gave me 4 13/15.

In this question i made common denominators and the common denominator i used was 12. After i made common denominators i took the 2 mixed numbers and made them into improper fractions and then subtracted them both. the answer was an improper fraction so i simplified it to 1 11/12 .


In this question i switched the numerators around and reduced the 4/8 then just multiplied the 2 fractions. The answer i got was 7/10.


In this question I made the fractions into improper fractions then switched the numerators. After switching the numerators i reduced the fraction into whole numbers. I multiplied the whole numbers together and it gave me the answer of 12.

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j-sickaab . said...

Hey nice job jocelyne ! you explained it so good and it's cool that you took pictures of it. Nice job (y) Haha i could see your shadow ! - Jessicab