Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How about some comments

Here are 3 examples of what we talked about in class today. Please leave a comment behind telling me what you like about the example (1, 2 or 3) and how does it explain the questions or ideas we were talking about in class.

The questions or ideas were,
1. Fractions are relations, the size or amount of the whole matters.
2. Fractions represent division with a quotient of less than 1.
3. With unit fractions the greater the denominator the smaller the fraction.


Alex 204 said...

I like question number 2 because it's showing how to make a frction into a desimal or percent Fromm Alex Avila 8-41

J.S. said...

I like question 3 because it's showing how unit fractions are when the denominator get larger and larger
From Joelle S Room 8-41

Shawn of the Dead said...

I like question numero 2, because it shows how to make a fraction into a decimal.
From Shawn Magierowski from 8-41


mary said...

i like the explanation. it's easier to understand, and you dont need a lot of thinking for it.

katef said...

I also liked example two, I wouldn't of thought of explaining it that way, its different way of looking at it.

jbaacuno - 841 . said...

i understood the second example easier then the other 3 examples .

katef said...

i meant like the first two drawings about the dividing and saying thats how many are shaded i wouldnt of done it liek that i wouldn't of explained that part of the fraction


jkh13 said...

man i thought i posted a comment yesterday but any ways i liked number 2 because the way that the people explained it made it look easy and simple.

dhonell /. said...

hey , i liked question number 2 because you don't have to read alot and it is easily explained . And im lazy so yeah .

jeanine-is-rad said...

I like number two aswell, it is much easier to understand. Plus, it's way clearer.

jeanine p

charity841 said...

I like question number 2 because it has a simple explanation for it